What Does Wellness Look Like?

Movement is a key factor in developing and maintaining health and wellness. At OCW, we encourage activities that work with your body's natural abilities and enhance your connection with nature. We also teach ways to give yourself grace as you learn/relearn to hear what your body has to say.
Diet can only get you part of the way to wellness. Without spending time focused on renewing your mind and feeding your spirit, a health journey can stagnate. At OCW, we work on encouraging a reconnection between body and spirit as an essential component to whole health.
Our diet can be one of healing and nourishment, or it can be a pathway to dysbiosis and pain. There is no perfect diet, as each person is unique. At OCW, we work with you individually to find the most nutritious and healing foods that work best with your genetic and physiological makeup.
The science of nutrition and the body is virtually exploding right now. While ALL of the studies don't always translate to immediate human application, part of the focus at OCW is to incorporate the most current information into action steps for you.

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